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ecoSEAL – are you up for a Challenge?

Geocel has launched the ecoSEAL Challenge. Part of a six-month campaign to encourage those in the trade to reduce their plastic waste, the company is offering tradespeople the chance to take up the challenge and try the ecoSEAL system for themselves, for free. 

Geocel would like to give anyone in the trade the chance to try the system for themselves and at the same time make a  pledge to reduce their plastic waste.  Those that are interested will be sent an ecoSEAL product, to try it for free.  Participants will be able to choose from across the range and they will also receive an ecoSEAL sleeve, which can be used up to 75 times. 

Recipients will be encouraged to film their own product review and post it to Geocel’s social media channels for their chance to win a £500 voucher. A new winner will be chosen by Geocel every month.

The ecoSEAL sleeve can be used an average of 75 times and can be recycled at the end of its usable lifespan. In addition, once empty, ecoSEAL foils are eight times smaller than traditional cartridges, meaning less waste is sent to landfill, ultimately reducing disposal costs on larger projects. 

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