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Training with Mirka

Reproduced from The Professional Painter and Decorator Spring 2020 issue

The Mirka Training Centre in Milton Keynes offers a variety of courses on how to get the best out of their equipment – is this something you should consider for the development of your business? We put a few straightforward questions to Mirka.

My work is mainly domestic – is there much point in attending one of your courses?

Everyone is welcome to visit the Mirka Training Centre, from the domestic decorator to the national contractor. We have tools and abrasives to help with preparation on various applications and on all scales

Can you outline how a course would pan out over the day?

We would tailor bespoke content based on the needs and requirements of the attendees. Generally, we would start with a brief overview the Mirka business, followed by a review of our product range and discussing the features and benefits of our products. Finally, we would provide everyone with the opportunity to get hands on with our tools, sanding doors, walls & ceilings.

If I come away from the course knowing that the type of tools and dust extraction that Mika has are necessary for me to have, what sort of financial commitment am I looking at?

mirka sanders at ddcMirka offer a range of tools to suit all budgets, from our hand sanding kits which retail for around £35 ex. VAT, to our LEROS large wall and ceiling sander which retails for around £750 ex.VAT. Our tools are available via all major decorators’ merchants across the UK so you can buy our products from your local store.

If I find that there are cheaper options that seem to do the same job, explain if quality, functional aspects or longer lasting qualities can make the higher initial investment stack up financially?

Our tools are ergonomically designed to be the most compact, lightweight, and easy to use machines on the market. Any decorator will know that preparation is key to a good finish, and our aim is to make this part of the job as quick and easy as possible. When investing in our tools, you can be assured you are buying products designed to give you excellent performance and a dust free sanding experience.

I understand there is an app which can monitor tool performance through Bluetooth. Can you explain how this works?

Our 230v sanders now have built in Bluetooth connectivity which enable you to Bluetooth our sanders to a suitable device. When used with our MyMirka app, which is free to download*, you can register the tool for our extended warranty and get a live vibration reading from the machine. If the vibration reading is high it will also give you ways of reducing vibration. The MyMirka app can also be used to contact Mirka, get the latest news, and download product brochures and guides.
*additional in-app purchases available

Reproduced from The Professional Painter and Decorator Spring 2020 issue

Training with Mirka


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