Wood Finishing Oil Choice


The application of oils is one of the oldest forms of wood finishing. The process results in a natural, hardwearing effect with an unmistakable, beautiful sheen and silky smoothness that customers appreciate. But with many options for internal woodwork from which to choose, what should professionals look out for?

According to manufacturer, Liberon, the answer is a blended option such as its Finishing Oil, containing hardwearing oils and resins that will produce a lasting and water-resistant finish. The resin content should be such that it enables protection not only against water but heat and alcohol too.

By applying extra coats of the oil, resin build-up is facilitated, which means that a variety of finishes can be achieved, including matt, satin or gloss. With its low viscosity, Liberon’s Finishing Oil ensures deep penetration, making it suitable for all types of bare wood. If working in this oil is recommended, thanks to its It is also water-resistant making suitable for kitchens and bathroom projects.

Wood Finishing Oil Choice
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