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Hamilton, Paint has changed, the tools you use with it must change to

In what the company describes as a revolutionary move Hamilton has launched a brand-new brush synthetic filament, developed after intense development and testing, to replace conventional natural bristles in its Perfection Range. This new development is part of a major rebranding exercise across the Hamilton brand.

Sarah Coussens, Head of Marketing (Trade), told PDN “This has been a journey almost 4 years in the making for Hamilton. What you see now for our brand has involved a huge team of people and painstaking research, testing and development – in the lab, by hand, by paint manufacturers and by decorating professionals.”

“As paint technology continues to evolve, with burgeoning developments in hybrids, it was time to take a long, hard look at the tools we use to apply them. In essence, the formula for creating a paint brush hasn’t changed for many years – if this remained the case, how could we be sure that we’re using tools that innovate in the same way that today’s paints have?”

She added, “We understand that the decorating community is very protective of Hamilton, and we are confident that we have reacted to their needs and can provide the perfect decorating tool solutions that work with today’s evolving paint formulas.”

Why the changes

Hannah Jones, Product Manager, explains more. “With paint formulations continuously evolving, we know that one brush does not suit all. That’s why we have developed our new filament to sit alongside our well-established MaxStrok filament in our top-level Perfection range.”

She continues, “What does this mean to our users? They will be able to choose the right brush, for the right paint, for the right job – every time. Our Perfection CleanEdge brush selection will replace natural bristle completely.  We understand that this is a tough pill to swallow for hardened bristle lovers, however, the quality of such natural animal-borne bi-product is constantly declining.  This decline means that our commitment to deliver the best quality products will be hindered, and at Hamilton, we will not let that happen.”

Outstanding performance

Hamilton’s new CleanEdge filaments have been tested in laboratory conditions, by third party bodies, by well-known UK paint manufacturers and, more importantly, in the hands of real users and the performance surpasses that of natural bristle. 

“In fact, we have ultimately developed a synthetic brush to mimic the structure of natural bristle, outperform it and that has the benefits of being easier to clean, with no need to break in. 

Cutting plastic

As part of this ‘revamp’ Hamilton are also drastically reducing their amount of single-use plastic packaging, switching plastic clam packs to recyclable card, whilst also using FSC® Certified wood in their brush handles.

The new look– 3 colours, visually representing their 3-tiered ranges: For The Trade, Prestige, and Perfection.  Prestige soft-grip handles have also changed colour to keep in-line with this new look.

Which to choose?

Hamilton is offering 2 synthetic brush ranges in their top Perfection tier, specifically designed by paint type.  Choose Perfection MaxStroke™ with longer, finer filaments for use finish with thinner paints, ie. water-based paints and low viscosity hybrids, and choose new Perfection CleanEdge™ with shorter, stiffer filaments for accuracy and control with thicker / sticker paints, such as oil-based and high viscosity hybrids.

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