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All things plaster

SMIG – Stand 106

Our range of products includes ready plasters, loose plasters, adhesives, and joint fillers. Our ready plasters are perfect for immediate use and can be interrupted at any time by carefully closing the bucket. We also offer quick-drying plaster, which dries twice as fast as traditional ready-made plasters. Our loose plasters are easy to mix with water and are made of natural gypsum combined with lime fillers. They are ideal for creating a durable base for paint coats and wallpapers, as well as for smoothing surfaces and pointing plasterboards with reinforcing tape.

Our ready-to-use adhesives have a perfect consistency, eliminating the need to prepare the mass. They are recommended for use on walls and inside buildings. We also have ready-mixed tapeless joint filler, which is suitable for use immediately after opening the bucket.

We are confident that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. A-2(Ready Mixed-Joint & Finish White-Quick Dry), A-11(Ready Mixed-White Finish Roll On Plaster) and C-50(Ready Mixed-No TAPE-Jointing Compound) have been identified as the most promising products for effective market entry, as they have the potential to meet the evolving needs of the UK market.

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