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Graphenstone looking forward to a “fantastic event“. #PDShow2022 Preview

Graphenstone UK – Stand 98

Leading Eco paint brand Graphenstone UK will be using The National Painting and Decorating show to focus on paints for the heritage sector, as well as products that offer decarbonisation benefits.

Graphenstone UK’s team will be on hand to talk through technical details and the science behind their products. 

Founder UK, Patrick Folkes says: “ We are thrilled to be participating in this fantastic event, its great to be there in person and meet new and incumbent customers following the pandemic. We have seen a huge rise and interest for more meaningful and ‘healthier’ products for use across commercial and residential projects, driven by the realisation that our choices really do have an impact on the planet.

Ecological and sustainable yet highly durable, our clean-tech ranges create safe and healthy environments, with no compromise on performance.”

Most of Graphenstone UK’s formulations comply with Building Standards such as BREEAM, WELL & LEED and hold the widest ranges of respected and recognised harm-free certifications on the market, such as Cradle to Cradle Gold, Global Green Tag, and Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold.

Graphenstone UK will present its GCS Premium mineral paint, which has recently been awarded a new A2 Fire Performance Classification. Independently tested, this paint coating is now proven, say the company ,  to be inherently non-combustible and does not release any toxic chemicals or fumes in the event of a fire.

Also on show will be the new Ambient Pro+ a natural lime-based formulation that absorbs CO2 (during the curing phase), helping to purify the air (removing toxins such as NOx and SOx) year after year via a photocatalytic process.

Graphenstones says  that a standard 15-litre tub of Ambient Pro+ will absorb approx. 5kg of CO2 in the curing phase. The CO2 is permanently locked into the product and this absorption process virtually offsets the CO2 released during the lime-processing phase.

A project with a paintable footprint of 10,000 m2 could see a potential C02 saving of over 4.4 tonnes when using two coats of Ambient Pro+ claim the company ..

The CO2 absorption occurs at approximately 0.33kg per litre during the curing phase.

As with all of Graphenstone’s paints (made from natural mineral ingredients and graphene fibres), Ambient Pro+ is easy to apply, offers superior coverage levels and durability and is washable (Class 1 wet scrub).

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