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Maximise your profits with designer paints

National Painting and Decorating Show 2018 Review

Little Greene Paint introduced its latest collection, a palette of authentic National Trust colours available in all of the company’s finishes.

“Sales of designer paints are up 70% in the last five years,” says operations director, Ben Mottershead, “and now account for 5% of the market. In addition, research shows that 50% of all decorative paints are currently applied by professional decorators. When it comes to Little Greene paints, that figure rises to 75%.”

According to Ben, there are several reasons for the growing trend towards upmarket designer paints. “Client expectations are increasing,” he says, “largely influenced by social media. There is growing social pressure to choose the right colour, brand and finish.

“In the last 10 years, there has been an improved ability for people to recommend restaurants, hotels, holidays and the like via social media. That trend is constantly expanding, and as a result, people are increasingly using social media to seek out or recommend tradespeople such as decorators, as well as the latest decorative effects and finishes.”

The fact that many of today’s younger customers are either not DIY savvy or simply not inclined to tackle decorating projects themselves is also stimulating demand for professional decorators, he says.

Ben also pointed out that the average redecoration time is five to six years, while in the designer paint sector, where customers may be more affluent and more inclined to keep up with changing decorative trends, redecoration time is down to two to three years.

All good news for decorating pros!

Maximise your profits with designer paints
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