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New paints and now spray equipment from Kolorbond

Kolorbond – Stand 83

Long time exhibitor Kolorbond has lined up exciting new introductions for this year’s P&D Show.

Two new paints are being shown for the first time.

Kolorbond Kolorklad is a single pack solvent based paint specially designed for all types of cladding including galvanised steel, plastisol, PVC, and composites and has excellent fire certification and longevity. Like most Kolorbond paints Kolorklad has direct adhesion without the need for primers

Kolorbond KolorAll is a single pack solvent based paint which can be spray or brush applied and has excellent adhesion and weather stability. It will adhere to most substrates without the need for primers.

In another development Kolorbond has announced that it is now the agent for Ernest Iwata, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of spray guns and spray equipment. Visit the Kolorbond stand for full details.

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