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What can a wastewater system do for you?

Trivec Paint and Trivec Eco Solutions – Stand 104

Are you handling wastewater responsibly? Trivec Eco Solutions’ systems offer a two-in-one solution; cleaning tools and treating wastewater. Visit their stand to learn how by working with a wastewater system you prevent:

  1. Unnecessary pollution of the environment
  2. Clogging of pipes and drainage of your workplace
  3. Waste of time cleaning tools
  4. Fines in the event of environmental inspections

Trivec offer a solution for wastewater contaminated with paint, glue, lacquers, stains or inks.

For more than 25 years, TrivecEco’s wastewater treatment systems have provided the solution for environmentally friendly treatment of wastewater from any size company. From a few litres at a time to hundreds of litres, there is a solution for every size.

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