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Coo-Var Anti Condensation Paint and Anti Damp Paint

Coo-Var Anti-condensation paint and Coo-Var Anti-damp paint.

coo var anti condensation paint anti damp paintCoo-Var’s Anti-condensation paint is a white, water based coating which is especially effective in rooms prone to airborne moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens etc. The specialist coating contains a biocide to reduce discolouration. The paint is durable enough to be left as a finish (but is slightly textured) or over-coated.

Coo-Var Anti-damp paint is a smooth white primer for interior damp walls and ceilings. Ideal for underground rooms such as cellars or attics and lofts. It can be applied to surfaces that are still damp. The coating contains an active reagent which combines with surface moisture and dampness (but will not cure the causes of the damp).

Coo-Var Anti-Condensation Paint
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