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Mixing device fits any drill

Cyklone is a low cost multi-purpose paint mixer that, say the manufacturers, takes full advantage of ‘basic fluid dynamics’. Made from 304 stainless The Cyklone multi-purpose mixing device fits any variable-speed drill and can stir and can mix a range of materials.

Each rotation of the impeller creates a mixing effect, useing tapered holes to increase the velocity of the liquid being stirred or mixed, whilst forcing the mixture together with every turn. The product then forces the liquid up the sides of the container only to be sucked back down the middle creating a constant mixing process.

A curved and bevelled base means that it can be rested against the bottom of any container and continue mixing without causing damage or loss of power, all the while agitating and lifting any settled material at the base of the container.

Cyklone is available from Amazon or their website

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