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Eliminate visible application marks

On large, broad wall surfaces, paint finishes are often subject to criticism when application marks, which are highlighted by critical lighting from windows and spotlights, are visible. This can result in the need for decorators to repaint entire areas which incurs additional time, effort and money at the end of a project.

David Baines, technical specification manager at Johnstone’s Trade, explains how Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt has been developed to be highlighted by critical lighting, and describes how the innovative paint was used on the recent redecoration of Lymm Water Tower in Cheshire.

At Johnstone’s Trade, we know professional painters and decorators are passionate about delivering quality work, but they often find themselves putting a lot of time and effort into making sure the finish is as smooth and consistent as possible, which can have a detrimental effect on their business.

In fact, in a survey we recently hosted, three in four decorators said that visible application marks are a problem, with 85% agreeing that extra time and effort needs to be put into jobs in order to avoid them. For us, that highlights the importance of providing a solution that can save professionals both time and money.

At Johnstone’s Trade, we took this insight from the industry on board and, to address the issues we know professional painters and decorators are facing, we developed Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt. The innovative paint has been designed to eliminate visible application marks highlighted by critical lighting and the extra time it takes to resolve them.

Smooth Layer technology
Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt has been formulated with Smooth Layer technology, which means the paint has a balanced ratio of binding agent, additives and pigments to deliver a flawless, flat matt finish with ease. The unique technology eliminates visible application marks such as streaks and overlapping, which can be highlighted in areas of critical lighting – such as spotlights and large windows – on both light and dark coloured walls.

The paint can also be used to spot repair. We know how easy it can be for a freshly painted wall to be damaged or spoiled, especially on larger projects where other trades are coming in to complete jobs after the decorating has been carried out. Perfect Matt can be used to re-touch and spot repair small areas, with the added layer blending in with the surrounding surface. This reduces the need for professional painters and decorators to return to site and repaint entire areas, saving costs and meaning the decorator can move onto the next job quicker.

Eliminate visible application marks


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