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Valspar Now Available In 12 Litre Packs

Valspar Trade Matt Emulsion, the trade-grade paint is now available in 12litre buckets.

Valspar Trade Contract Matt is a professional grade, high-opacity emulsion.

Designed for use on fresh plaster, plasterboard and wall paper, Valspar Trade Matt Emulsion dries in just two to four hours. It is water-based with high opacity so that it can be sprayed undiluted. Available in 10 litre & 12 litre tubs in pure brilliant white and magnolia.

Among reviews for Valspar Trade Contract Matt by professional decorators, many praise the paint’s “excellent coverage”, “truly low splatter”, and “nice consistency, not too thick or too thin”.

Valspar Now Available In 12 Litre Packs
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