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Roller Flex and Brush Flex Paint Tools

Two new innovative paint tools that enable the painter to paint difficult to get to areas.
By attaching them to extension poles decorators do not need to use ladders or scaffolding say the distributors Gray Campling.

The patented flexible handles allow for instant adjustment to any angle. No other painting extension arm bends instantly at any precise angle.

Painting behind, under and over obstacles or in narrow and tight spaces is frustrating and difficult. Brush Flex easily reaches around cabinets, toilets and other indoor and outdoor objects.

Painting on uneven footing and where ladder access is difficult can be dangerous. It’s safer and easier to let Brush Flex reach around corners and over objects to paint any area.

The Brush Flex takes any size brush, simply fix your brush onto the flexible handle with the high impact clamp.

The roller flex is available in 2 sizes for standard rollers and mini rollers.


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