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White For Interior Inspiration

Dulux Trade have created eight new collections of whites and off-whites, designed to work with a variety of interior building materials from timber and metal, to stone and terracotta.

The use of exposed architectural features has become a popular trend in interior design and the Dulux Trade White Dimensions collection has been created to inspire architects and designers when it comes to making the most of these design features.

The collections are: warm wood and timber; cream brick and stone; frosted and coated glass; slate, stone and concrete; iron and metal; dark wood and timber; and finally, brick and terracotta. The eighth collection, Problem Solving Whites, brings together colours that are suitable for spaces that may seem too dark, too cool or too bright.

“Even a subtle change in colour can have a dramatic impact on the appearance and atmosphere of a room and a painted surface needs to enhance the design features around it,” said Jo McMullen, Brand Manager for Colour at Dulux Trade. “Used correctly, whites and off-whites can in fact add depth and dimension to any interior. Subtle shading of harmonious tones can create a simple, yet clean and contemporary look and accentuate the natural beauty of design features in a room”.

The White Dimensions collections can be viewed online along with an image gallery of the colours in situ. As an aid to selection A5 matt samples of all the colours in the White Dimensions collection are also available to order online.


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