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Arstyl Wall-Decorating

ARSTYL_visuel_Natural_mit_logo_midresThe ARSTYL range of wall and ceiling embellishments and the new Wall Panel range can be seen on the NMC stand (50) at the P&D Show.

These new generation wall decorations have a highly inspired new look for a neat structure or a coloured relief design. There are 6 modern designs and the Small-sized & light-weighted  panels are easy to carry and install.Unpolished acrylic white, the walls’ primary colour ensure optimal adhesion. Abraded side edges give a neat finish.

Panels can be symmetrically or asymmetrically, horizontally or vertically arranged.

They are light (2kg on average) but also robust and can be assembled rapidly with Adefix Plus, the special adhesive from NMC.

Arstyl Wall-Decorating
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