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Brits Confess Their DIY Disasters

Brits Confess Their DIY DisastersFour in ten people struggle with painting walls or applying wallpaper, a new study reveals.

A new study of 2,000 people also found three in ten have tackled dangerous electrical or plumbing jobs with the wrong tools and
confessed to having ‘no idea’ how to do the task.

Half of those surveyed would be unable to change a tyre on their car if called to do so, while less than a fifth were confident they could even keep a household plant alive based on previous failures.

Draper Tools commissioned the study into Britain’s home handiness in order to get a better picture of the nation’s home-improvement skills and worries.

The new research found more than a quarter of people had damaged walls trying to put a picture up. While a carefree 44 per cent had attempted a home improvement job knowing they had the wrong tools for the job.
And as many as one in three people say their tactic if something breaks is to live with it as long as possible until it becomes unavoidable.

But there is hope; the average person does start to get the hang of home improvements at the age of 29.

Tom Draper, Director at Draper Tools, which commissioned the research, said: “The research shows that when it comes to trying to improve our homes, it’s not always a straightforward process.

“There emerged in the results a lack of confidence in many areas of home improvement, along with a worrying trend to attempt tasks with the wrong equipment or knowledge.

And previous experiences can live long in the memory- more than half of those polled said they actually dislike carrying out any sort of home improvement now.

The Draper Tools study found that millions of Brits still turn to other people for odd jobs rather than trying to fix the problem themselves – a fifth admit their dad is still the first person they call if they need something done.

While fifty per cent turn to how-to videos on the web in order to get by- with the internet by far the place Brits will most likely turn to for advice.

Over half of Brits dislike carrying out home repairs revealing they lack knowledge or motivation, while others said they were likely to do more harm than good.

Perhaps that explains why a fifth said their partner criticises their home improvement attempts.


  1. Removing a radiator
  2. Fixing a leaky tap
  3. Replacing cracked tiles
  4. Changing a light fixture
  5. Hanging wallpaper
  6. Changing a tyre
  7. Painting the exterior of your house
  8. Patching a hole in the wall
  9. Putting up a shelf or wardrobe
  10. Basic bicycle repairs
  11. Bleeding a radiator
  12. Wiring a plug
  13. Checking tyre pressure and tread depth
  14. Filling in the cracks or chips in a wall
  15. Pruning the right plants in the garden
Brits Confess Their DIY Disasters
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