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Colour choice – homeowners want more help from Pros

New research from Leyland Trade paint has revealed that a significant proportion of customers want more help from tradespeople when it comes to making decisions on materials, colours and products on their decoration and renovation projects. The exclusive data also suggests there is a huge opportunity for tradespeople to gain further work if they provided more support when advising clients, especially when it comes to colour matching.

The survey, which polled over 1,000 customers, not only shows that 31% of respondents want more support from tradespeople, but that a third (33%) find choosing colours on projects difficult or extremely difficult.

A connected piece of research also conducted by Leyland Trade, in conjunction with the Builders Talk Group polled multi-trade professionals to understand their perceptions on supporting customers with colour decisions. It found that less than half of these tradespeople were actively advising their customers on colour when working on painting jobs.

When questioned about why they do not provide customers with more support on making key decisions, the research revealed that a 73% would feel more comfortable working with colour paints if it was easier to get a colour match comparable to what the customer wants. This reluctance to advise around colour suggests that with the right support from paint manufacturers, tradespeople would be able to provide a more confident, valuable and profitable service to customers.

Said a Leyland Trade spokesperson  “According to the data, currently 40% of multi-skill tradespeople advising on colour are doing it by simply providing customers with colour cards. By using the PPG Colour Reader from Leyland Trade, trade professionals can more confidently help customers get a colour match just by scanning any relevant flat surface or material “ .

“It works by simply positioning the pocket-sized device on a sample and, with the click of a button, the user is provided with the closest match from across four different colour palettes “.

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