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Own website for Master Decorators

A historic trade association for highly skilled painters and decorators in London has launched its first website.

The London Association of Master Decorators (LAMD), went ‘live’ recently, with its first dedicated website featuring a directory of its members.

LAMD is the London branch of the national trade body, The Painting and Decorating Association (PDA), which means members belong to both organisations and must fulfil the strict membership criteria and adhere to the PDA’s Code of Conduct.

President of LAMD, Les Barber, said: “Our website’s main feature is the database of talent which includes information on all our members and is easy for architects, contractors, designers and householders to search.

“LAMD members generally operate within the bounds of the M25 and must fulfil clear criteria that demonstrates their skill and talent as a Master Decorator.

“The website directory will allow potential clients to search for members who offer specialist skills such as marbling and murals, while giving LAMD members the opportunity to showcase their talent and the wide range of decorative options available.”

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