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The Paint Green Initiative, a pioneering environmental initiative launched by the UK’s leading trade association serving the professional decorator, The Painting and Decorating Association, is fast gaining momentum.

The latest painter and decorator firm to commit to help drive down waste by signing up to the PDA’s Paint Green Pledge is Metricus Ltd, based in Abercarn near Newbridge, South Wales.

The commitment encourages Association members to commit to reducing waste by taking up existing recycling schemes and recording their efforts year-on-year.

An estimated 55 million litres of waste paint are generated each year in the UK – and much of it ends up in landfill or being disposed of as hazardous waste.

It’s believed that only around two percent of left-over decorative paint is reused or remanufactured.

PDA Chief Executive Neil Ogilvie said: “Metricus Ltd is among the first PDA members to take the Paint Green Pledge, placing them at the forefront of the drive towards more sustainable working practices.

“The initiative aims to encourage PDA members to tackle waste as a first step towards systemic change that benefits their businesses and communities.

“PDA members are trained, trusted professionals who commit to do a quality job at a reasonable price – and our Paint Green members are taking extra steps to help protect our planet, so why choose anyone else?

Robert Seers at Metricus said: “It’s always been important to us to keep excess paint and containers out of landfill.

“Metal paint tins can be recycled, plastic containers can be used to make other products – it’s a waste to just throw them away.

“PDA’s Paint Green scheme allows us to record our efforts and clearly demonstrate to customers that we take responsibility for any waste we produce.

“The scheme is also a great example to set for the next generation of painters and decorators, who expect their employers to be taking steps to protect the environment.”

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