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Ingeus Work Programme – Apprentices are Go!

Ingeus Work Programme Apprentices are Go! Five budding painters and decorators have been given the career boost they craved by signing up to paid apprenticeships with Northumberland County Council – the result of Work Programme provider Ingeus partnering with the council’s Adult Learning Service.

The five – Michael Sonnenfield, Ben Groves, Ryan Tait, Carl Henderson and Gary Brown – were referred by their local Jobcentre Plus office to Ingeus, which delivers the government’s Work Programme throughout the North East. Supported by an employment adviser from Ingeus, each was offered the specialist help and encouragement needed to successfully apply for the apprenticeships at the Adult Learning Service, which is based in Ashington. Their new jobs will lead to recognised qualifications whilst the five refresh the interiors and exteriors of a number of council-owned properties, including schools and local government buildings throughout the region.

igneus work programme apprenticeships“Even in these difficult economic times it is hard to recruit new apprentices in the open market,” said the Adult Learning Service’s construction training manager Mike Smith. “Finding people who are well matched to the vacancies we have can be a full time job in itself, when I and my colleagues really need to be teaching and training. That’s why we value the service provided by Ingeus – they provide fully assessed candidates. Meanwhile our new employees are learning new skills each day and then putting them to good use. Local people have got jobs and training, and council tax payers are seeing the benefits because Ingeus’s services are free of charge.”

Ingeus Work Programme Apprentices are Go!
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