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Leyland is Top of the Class

A secondary school in Derby has been given a new lease of life thanks to a first-class refurbishment courtesy of Leyland Trade.

The Bemrose School not only tested the durability and endurance of Leyland’s products, but also the team of decorators from Brown & Earnshaw who had to work through the night to ensure they didn’t disrupt classes.

The Derby-based decorating firm had previously undertaken decoration work at the school and this time were tasked with ensuring the classrooms and hallways on the first floor were fully revitalised in order to provide the areas with a much-needed pick-me-up.

Over 250 litres of Leyland’s Brilliant White Vinyl Matt was applied to ceilings to create a crisp and even finish while Leyland’s advanced colour matching technology was used to ensure the shade of blue used for the walls matched what was currently there. The quick drying and low odour properties of Leyland’s Acrylic Eggshell ensured there was minimum disruption to students during the next school day.

One of the school’s most eye-catching features is a spiral staircase which leads to a closed-off watch tower. The decorators were tasked with restoring the staircase and selected Leyland’s Undercoat and High Gloss system to deliver the desired high gloss finish as well as the required durability.

Managing Director of Brown & Earnshaw, Ray Brown, is well aware of the high performance qualities of Leyland products after using them on a wide range of projects during his 37-year career as a professional decorator and says, once again, they didn’t let him down.

“Technically speaking it wasn’t the most challenging job we’ve ever had to do but that was all the more reason to complete it to the highest possible standard,” he commented.

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