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New spray kit and Show offers from Gray Gampling

Gray Campling, supplier of spray equipment in the UK and the sole UK authorised importers of the Titan range of paint sprayers are again exhibiting at the upcoming National Painting & Decorating Show at Coventry on 27th & 28th November.

On show (Stand 1) will be the New Impact Series and Controlmax HEA 1900 semi pro airless sprayers together with the Titan Focus 500 XVLP sprayer.

The Impact 400 is designed for residential and property maintenance and can apply all undercoats, gloss and most decorative paints.

The ControlMax HEA Sprayers deliver 55% less overspray decreasing clean-up, increasing sprayable applications, and wasting less paint, say the company.

Says Peter Blake of Gray Campling, “The HEA high efficiency airless sprays at lower pressures which creates less overspray and makes it easier to paint like a Pro”

“The versatility of the Titan Focus 500 XVLP sprayer with its modular spray gun head design which allows you to change gun heads for different paints without the mess of changing nozzles etc”.

The Focus 500 professional hand held XVLP sprayer claims to give the painter “Airless productivity with the control of HVLP”.

It is suitable for small and medium sized projects up to 50m2.

New spray kit and Show offers from Gray Gampling


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