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Scandi Areosol products make Show debut – P&D Show Preview

Maston – Stand 88A

Maston OY, the Scandinavian manufacturer in high quality aerosol products will be at the P&D Show for the first time demonstrating its new technologies and innovative product design.

Maston 2K Two, a 2-component user-friendly product that is as easy to use as painting with any ordinary 1-component spray paint. The chemical hardening process occurs instantly under the atmospheric pressure. This ensures that Maston 2K Two paints have the same adhesive quality, as well as high resistance to corrosion, chemicals and scratches, as the traditional 2-component paint systems used by professionals.

Maston 2K Two Tinting Solution – is the quickest and easiest way to tint and pack customized colours in genuine 2K spray cans and it supports the RAL and NCS colour standards and many more customized colours. MASTON 2K Two TINTING Solution is a combination of an easy to use on-line colour mixing database and eFill a electric filling machine for filling custom colours in store.

Maston Zero does not contain any solvents. It is safe to use inside and outside with no unpleasant smells. The propellant mixture is the only evaporative element. Maston Zero claims to be the first non-flammable spray paint in the world.

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