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Coo-Var’s two-pack antimicrobial – Guardcoat

Being two-pack, Guardcoat is extremely hardwearing and tackles microbes.

Microbes are everywhere, on every surface we touch, on the food we eat and even the air we breathe. For most this isn’t an issue, it’s a fact of life and our immune systems handle the threat; for some however – personally or professionally, these invaders can cause major issues.

The global antimicrobial coatings market is predicted to reach over $4.4 Billion (£3.38bn) by 2022, fuelled by the ever-increasing need for cleanliness in a range on environments. Research has demonstrated that on a typical surface, bacteria can not only survive, but multiply, over a period of 24 hours – in hygiene critical environments such as schools, hospitals, care facilities and kitchens this could translate into a risk to life. When coupled with the increasing antibiotic resistance and reports of decreased effectiveness of cleaning products, the end result is users searching for alternative solutions.

Guardcoat is a Two-Pack antimicrobial coating; which is proven to be resistant to E-Coli and MRSA. This paint harnesses silver ion technology – an antimicrobial active ingredient that remains active for as long as the lifecycle of the paint, and in some cases extends it by fighting the bacteria that would typically degrade the paint film.

Due to the high-build Two-Pack nature of the paint, it is extremely hard wearing, suitable for situations where furniture may be dragged, trolleys or trucks may run over the surface or cleaning chemicals may be used. Making it ideal for environments such as hospitals and kitchens where heavy machines are constantly moving.

In contrast, these procedures may damage conventional coatings or surfaces – areas of damage allow microbes and bacteria to take hold- rendering the surface unsuitable.

Guardcoat may be used across multiple applications – floors, walls and common contact surfaces, to provide a high wear, bacteria-resistant surface. This reduces the risk of cross contamination, bacterial spread and complements existing clean procedures.

The use of Antimicrobial Paints such as Guardcoat in hygiene critical environments provides multiple benefits; they complement existing procedures by reducing the spread and growth of bacteria on a surface, they provide a coating that withstands the use of cleaning products and acts as a protective, hard wearing coating for surfaces underneath.

Guardcoat is an effective coating for hygiene critical environments, providing a long lasting, high-wear antibacterial protection – complementing existing procedures and reducing the risk of bacterial spread.

Guardcoat has a large range of applications in the factory, commercial kitchens or healthcare and is included in the Coo-Var Floor, Sports and Line Marking Range

Reproduced from The Professional Painter and Decorator Summer 2019 issue

Coo-Var’s two-pack antimicrobial – Guardcoat
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