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Identifying Damp & Condensation – How can paint help?

Here CooVar explains its approach

Damp and condensation are common problems in a wide range of properties; Housing Associations, Leisure Centers, Schools, Industrial Premises and Domestic Properties all suffer to some extent. There are several methods to control the problems, but ideally one needs to discover the source of the problem. Then it can be treated using the correct control method with an Anti-Damp or Anti-Condensation coating being a ‘belt and braces’ approach to the problem.

Damp and Staining
Help prevent damp and mould in cellars or areas prone to residual moisture problems using an Anti-Damp paint. The product is based on low odour oil based resins that restrict water movement. The dry film contains an additive which, when wet, reacts to form a water screen within the dry paint film. In addition, unsightly mould is deterred by a film protecting biocide. Obviously a paint film will not solve the original cause of dampness, be it a leak or other water ingress, but it will solve many of the associated problems. It is available in White and will dry with a slight ‘finish’; it is not completely ‘Matt’. Ideal on cellars, outbuildings, low rooms, any areas prone to dampness. If required it can be subsequently over-coated with both water based and solvent based systems.

Condensation is often accompanied by mould growth, black or green in colour, with no real sign of any dampness within the wall. Condensation often occurs around windows, especially single glazed where the temperature drop is large. Cold spots often give rings or patches of mould; often caused by an isolated defect in solid walls.

Anti-Condensation paint is an insulation type coating which helps reduce the effects of the cause of condensation; it keeps the wall slightly warmer and hence helps prevents condensation forming by reducing the cold wall effect. These coatings generally have a micro texture and can be over coated with decorative paint which will not affect their anti-condensation properties. The micro texture, which is barely visible, means you cannot repair the wall in patches; you must coat either the entire wall or whole sections of wall. This prevents you simply moving the problem to another patch, for example, on an external wall.

Coo-Var would always recommend analysis to discover the root cause of the problem, but, both Anti-Damp and Anti-Condensation paints are a useful tool to have in the battle against dampness and condensation.

Identifying Damp & Condensation – How can paint help?
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