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Jumbo Job for One Can

The Strand Leisure Pool, a popular lido in Gillingham, Kent has just had a makeover, with the help of Bradite’s One Can, to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

A main attraction is the revitalised elephant slides, which are now proudly sporting the NHS logo and a rainbow pattern, replacing their previous bright pink exterior.

Kelly Holmes, senior painter at Medway Norse Ltd explained that the all-in-one product, which combines primer, undercoat, and topcoat, was “ideal for the job” and that they “used seven different colours on the elephants and couldn’t have done it without a water-based product.”

Bradite One Can is virtually odourless, it is quick-drying and touch dry in 30 minutes making it re-coatable in one hour. The paint works both as an adhesion primer and sealer, is anti-corrosive and can be used on a wide range of surfaces. It is available in both eggshell and matt finish and a full range of BS, RAL and NCS colours.

Not only were the elephants given a new lease of life, but One Can was also used to repaint safety bridges yellow, a seating area near the poolside and the lido’s exterior sign.

Kelly also commented that Bradite stands the test of time too by saying that “We used the product to paint some 50 bollards there a couple of years ago and they still look as good as new.”

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