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Show only offers from Chemfix

GT1_3030Chemfix products will be exhibiting at the Painting and Decorating show (Stand 74) for the second time. A new product will announced and several show exclusive promotions on both TIMBABUILD and METOLUX product ranges will be available.

The Metolux Brand began in the 1960’s, created by Nickerson Chemicals and established a reputation for quality in the area of professional wood fillers and construction repair.

Timbabuild wood filler is used for repairing timber windows, doors and other timber structures, in situ, rather than replacing with new units. It has the benefit of a strong EPOXY formula making it strong and durable, and the EHB4 high build product is lightweight and mouldable making it ideal for vertical and overhead repairs, as well as building up the resin in layers for use in large voids. The adhesive qualities of these products make them suited for Timber Splicing, and Conservation Joints.

Show only offers from Chemfix
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