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Dust free Mirka on Show

Dust free Mirka on ShowMirka UK will be presenting its range of dust-free solutions at The Painting and Decorating Show.

The company will be showcasing several tools including the DEROS, claimed to be the world’s lightest electric sanding machine in its class. The sander plugs into an ordinary power supply, making it easy to move around, and is suitable for multiple sanding operations producing a highly effective smooth finish. It features a brushless motor and plugs into an ordinary power supply, making it easy to move around. It delivers a rapid, efficient, consistently powerful performance comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine, even under heavy load. Its ‘closed construction’ prevents dust from entering the motor, avoiding typical wear and tear damage experienced by electric machines. DEROS’ low profile delivers good control over the sanding process. Its two hand, ergonomic grip and low noise and vibration levels reduce arm fatigue, minimising the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), which affects the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm; the three body parts painters and decorators need to keep in tip top shape to allow them to be productive.

The CEROS has been designed for multiple surfaces and operations including sanding door frames, windows as well as vertical or overhead surfaces, which are made easy due to its lightweight design that means decorators no longer have to deal with the fatigue associated with this type of work. Additionally, its balanced weight distribution and ergonomic design enable controlled sanding and easy one-handed use.

The Mirka Handy has been designed for comfort and ease of use when sanding plaster from walls and ceilings. It is equipped with holes on top for optimised dust extraction and air flow, creating a dust-free work environment. The sander’s ergonomic design allows the user to have a comfortable grip when operating the product.

In addition to the tools, Mirka’s Abranet Ace will be on display, designed to increase production and speed for tougher, more demanding sanding applications. This premium net product features ceramic grains that deliver a faster, more aggressive sanding operation on multiple surfaces while offering a consistent smooth finish.

Dust free Mirka on Show
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