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Take a look at the Wombat

WEB-WOMBAT-45-624x942The Wombat Bucket, which can be seen on Stand 75B at the P&D Show, is a lot more than a paint bucket. Described as a Portable Paint Tray it is sized for today’s efficient, no-splatter mini-rollers, and is sturdy, stable, and convenient to use, even on a ladder. Says a company spokesperson “With the Wombat bucket, painting is a lot faster, easier and less messy than when using an old-fashioned paint tray. And it lets you keep your paint scraper, touch-up brush, wiping cloth, painter’s putty and other tools right at hand “
Each Kit Includes:

  • Wombat Bucket – The Portable Paint Tray – The Bucket itself comes complete with an ergonomic handle and many other handy features including a flange at the rear to let it be hung hang on a cabinet door or the back of a chair for convenience. It also has pre-moulded holes to store pencils, scrapers, cleaning cloth and putty.
  • Shoulder Strap – Allows you to “wear” the bucket and carry what you need with you around the job, have both hands free whilst climbing up and down ladders. (In fact, having both hands free is required by the UK Health and Safety Executive.)
  • Rare Earth Magnets – One each side of the bucket allows brushes or scrapers to be held securely in place when not required. The magnets on the exterior of the bucket can also be used to to hold other tools or tape using the Medallion Loops supplied.
  • Removable Pro Metal Roller Grid
  • Ladder Swivel Hook – Attaches to the handle and enables the bucket to be hung from a ladder if preferred whilst working.
  • Stainless Steel Roller Frame with Nylon Roller Sleeves – The stainless steel frame will not interfere with the magnets whilst working.
  • Optional Extras available are: Rim & Liner packs make for an easy clean up after jobs, and when used with the Lid can keep your paint, roller and brush fresh for days. The Hip Clip & Belt Loop is an alternative to the Shoulder Strap; the Wombat Bucket hangs securely from the belt at a position preferred for comfort.
Take a look at the Wombat
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