Purdy’s new Cub


Professional painting tools manufacturer Purdy has launched the new Cub brush. Designed for painting difficult and confined spaces, the brush is lightweight, features an angular trim for cutting in, and is compatible with all paints and stains.

Designed to be durable and robust, the Cub has a short, alder wood handle that has been optimised to feel comfortable during use. The Cub can be used for both interior and exterior work and due to its small size and angled trim, it is particularly well suited to detail work, cutting in, or painting difficult to access spaces. For customers working under stairs, or in tight corners such as doorframes or bannister rails, the size and manoeuvrability of the Cub will be, say Purdy, a great advantage where long-handled brushes would get in the way.

The Cub bristles are made up of a blend of DuPont solid filaments, as well as round and tapered Tynex and Orel filaments. Each filament in the brush is individually flagged, which means the smaller diameters of the split filaments help leave fewer brush strokes giving a professional quality finish, and the split ends can help capture more paint for a larger surface area. The Orel filaments adds stiffness and control while the Tynex provides greater wear resistance.

Just like all Purdy brushes, the Cub is guaranteed to have no filament loss.

Purdy’s new Cub
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