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Johnstone’s Trade’s ‘Ultimate Defence’ For Interior Trim

Johnstone’s Trade has launched Aqua Guard – a durable water based satin paint that has been designed to protect interior wood and metal surfaces against scratches, wear and tear and greasy finger marks.

Interior wood and metal surfaces are often vulnerable to stains, scratches and grease in areas where the paint surface has softened. However, say Johnstone’s Trade, with Surface Protection technology, Aqua Guard creates a defensive barrier.

The new product is formulated to have good application properties, covering rates and long-lasting whiteness. The water based technology with quick drying and low odour qualities, also means that customers don’t have to worry about lingering paint smells.

David Baines, technical specification manager at PPG, parent company of Johnstone’s Trade explained: “Painters and decorators put a lot of time and effort into making sure the end result meets their customers’ expectations, and it can be especially hard to choose products that guarantee long-lasting results and a premium finish.

Johnstone’s Trade’s ‘Ultimate Defence’ For Interior Trim


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