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Protect your hands says Big Wipes

Big Wipes - Hand CreamDry skin and cracked, painful hands are a common ailment among the trade and now but Big Wipes has launched a new, specially formulated Hand Cream to help combat the problem.

Solvents, paints and varnishes all strip the skin of its natural oils and can be difficult to avoid when working out on site. Harsh substances can break the skin’s protective barrier and contact dermatitis can develop with symptoms ranging from mild dryness, itching and redness to painful cracks, skin ulcers and red fluid filled blisters.

Big Wipes Hand Cream is a high performance treatment cream that say the company, rapidly relieves dry and rough skin, helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function and improves its ability to absorb and hold moisture. It is non-greasy and alcohol and fragrance free and is recommended by dermatologists to increase moisture concentration and improve skin texture, appearance and function.

Protect your hands says Big Wipes
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