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Cladit Plus – Cladding Repainting Made Easy

New water based Cladit Plus from Bradite has been formulated to revitalise metal cladding – the profiled exterior metal finish on industrial and commercial buildings. A water thinned polyurethane semi -gloss acrylic finish for a long lasting protection it provides an easy to maintain finish that offers good colour retention and weathering resistance.

Most external cladding will last for a period of between 10 and 20 years before any maintenance is needed. The deterioration is usually gradual and will move from simple chalking or colour fading to failure of the coating. This is followed by corrosion of the protective zinc or aluminium alloy under the decorative coating and finally by failure of the steel substrate itself. Up until the corrosion and failure of the steel substrate itself, Cladit Plus can be successfully used to upgrade the cladding and extend its useful life by up to 10 years and can be recoated easily even after years of exposure.

Cladit Plus provides an easy to maintain finish that offers excellent colour retention, UV resistance and excellent weathering protection for all types of cladding including steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Full BS 4800 and RAL Colours including Aluminium are available while specific corporate colours can be specified from Bradite’s massive colour mixing database.

Application is by brush, roller or spray and clean-up is with water, Cladit Plus is surface dry in one hour.

Cladit Plus – Cladding Repainting Made Easy


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