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Van Ventilation – It’s the Law

Van Ventilation – it’s the Law! Most van owners are now aware of their responsibility to provide a comprehensive duty of care to their drivers and passengers or risk prosecution. However, one area that is often overlooked is the provision of adequate vehicle ventilation especially in the cargo area which can be susceptible to dramatic heat build-up, condensation and the threat of hazardous fumes from paint, solvents, insulation materials or general builders waste.

The fitting of a wind-powered rotary roof vent is a cost effective way of eradicating such problems. The spinning vent creates a continuous and uniform exchange of air as it sucks fresh air from outside into the vehicle. Rotational speeds can be well in excess of 3,000 rpm and even at 30 mph the vent can extract up to 60 cubic feet per minute of stale air. Even when the van is parked, the vent continues to function in even a light breeze.

Flettner Ventilator Limited is a British company that has been producing van ventilation products for over fifty years. The vent is surprisingly simple to fit in less than 30 minutes. Its design prevents the ingress of rain, dust and downdrafts. The vent requires no maintenance, is ultra-quiet in operation and, being entirely wind driven, there is no cabling or battery drain.

Van Ventilation – It’s the Law
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