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Adding stencils to your offer

A company that specialises in producing stencils for commercial and industrial applications is looking to increase awareness of the product amongst professional painters and decorators.

Laser Cutting Services specialise in creating custom stencils for various industries, one of which is the painting and decorating sector. From extra-large stencils for ships, helipads and global street art, to branding a company logo for an office space, way-finding stencils, or even painting a decorative stencil for a domestic project,  stencils can be used on projects of all sizes.

Bespoke stencils are made in varying thicknesses of material depending on the end use of the stencil. Most stencils are made from polyester film, which is a highly durable material.


Whether using a foam roller, paint brush, or spray paint, there are a few rules of best practice which will help decorators create the perfect artwork.  3M spray mount is first applied to the back of the stencil . The stencil is then secured in place with masking tape or duct tape to take the weight – making it as flat as possible.   Multiple thin layers of paint are then applied to avoid any excess and ensure a crisp edge. If using a foam roller roll away from the edges of the stencil, apply light layers. When suing Spray paint, apply light layers at a time. If using a brush – brush away from edges of the stencil, apply light layers. Finally, the stencil is removed and touching up is carried out if needed.

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