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Meet the Zinsser Experts

Zinsser Technical Support Team 1The Zinsser Technical Support Team, which operates to help customers find the right Zinsser product for the job, has been expanded. The now four strong team has decades of experience between them with strong backgrounds in both chemistry and customer service.

They work to provide advice and support over the telephone and by email for a variety of customers, including professional painters and decorators, paint merchants, DIY enthusiasts, architects, contractors and Zinsser’s own business development team.

Two of the team, Joanne Wallace and Mike Bennett, are trained scientists having previously worked in research and development labs themselves. The newest team member, Andrew Pearson, has a strong technical and customer service background while 19-year-old Marcus Fairfax is carrying out a science apprenticeship with the team.

The team fields around 90 calls each day, as well as around 20 email queries.

Among these more challenging queries have been product recommendations for painting a variety of buildings, from the exterior of windmills to Bikram yoga studios in which the rooms are heated to 40°C with 40% humidity levels. Other calls have covered products for use in theatres, bespoke department store displays, historic listed buildings, structural steel protection, hotel refurbishments, breweries, pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, industrial units, factory floors and shabby chic furniture make-overs, as well as the everyday challenges facing the DIY and professional decorator.

Zinsser brand director Paul Waller said: “We value customer engagement and interaction very highly, and having a UK-based team of highly trained professionals on hand to answer customers’ questions about our products is very important to us.

“It is also a great way for us to gauge how our products are performing or whether there are any gaps in the market we could fill with a new product”.

Meet the Zinsser Experts
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