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AkzoNobel Water-Based Trim Ranges

AkzoNobel has launched two ranges of quick-drying, water-based trim coatings under its Dulux Trade and Armstead Trade brands.

The new Dulux Trade water-based range consists of Quick Dry Undercoat, Gloss and Satinwood coatings. Using alkyd emulsion technology, these finishes, say the company, deliver improved flow and greater durability that matches the performance decorators normally associate with solvent-based products.

AkzoNobel Water-Based Trim RangesThis is particularly evident with Quick Dry Gloss, which is highly flexible and crack resistant, delivering a smooth, high-sheen top coat finish. Plus, with double the open time and a longer wet edge, application of the Quick Dry trim range is also easier than with their solvent-based counterparts.

Giving decorators an option for when budgets are tight, AkzoNobel has also launched a new water-based range for recently launched brand, Armstead Trade. This comprises Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss and Quick Dry Satin, two products designed to give a quality, durable finish, with good flow and application properties, but at a lower price point.

Developed using acrylic quick-dry technology, the Armstead Trade range is said to deliver lasting whiteness compared to equivalent solvent-based products, which yellow much faster.

AkzoNobel Water-Based Trim Ranges
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