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Bradite Fastrac Quick Drying Enamel

Bradite Fastrac Quick Drying Enamel.

Fastrac from Bradite is a single pack fast drying, high gloss coating based on modified silicone and polyurethane alkyd resins which also contains rust inhibiting pigmentation for extra protection.

Bradite Fastrac Quick Drying EnamelSurface dry in 2 hours its fast drying time combines with a tough flexible finish which is resistant to spillage of mild chemicals, oils and hydrocarbons.

Bradite Fastrac Quick Drying Enamel is suitable as a one or two coat finish or as a part of a protective system for steel or suitably primed nonferrous metal.

Ideal for use on agricultural, construction and factory equipment. Available in ACE, BS4800, RAL and Silver.
A computerised tinting facility give access to over 7,000 colours including BS 4800, 381C, RAL, NCS and ACE colours.

Bradite is an ISO9001 quality assured company and also holds ISO14001 environmental approval.

Bradite Fastrac Quick Drying Enamel
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