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Bradite Floor and Cladding Products

New offer from Bradlite Floor and Cladding Products!

Bradite, one of the UK’s longest established quality paint manufacturers has launched a new product offer aimed at professional painters and decorators, merchants and specifiers.

Bradite’s range of high performance Protective Coatings, used by a core of professionals throughout the UK, is formulated to meet the needs of commercial and industrial applicators on a wide variety of substrates and is manufactured using only the best quality raw materials.

bradlite floor and cladding productsTo celebrate the launch of the new product offer, which coincides with the company’s 75th Anniversary, Bradite has updated the branding of the products. The striking new can design, new and comprehensive product literature and guides, merchant displays and a completely new web site all highlight the commitment that Bradite has to the new offer.

The Bradite website, allows users to easily access technical and application details for the entire range of products.

Bradite has long been known for the in-depth technical support it provides to specifiers, stockist and users and this is set to be enhanced and expanded with a particular emphasis on the provision of additional customer training opportunities at merchant premises or at the company’s headquarters in Manchester.

James Burton, who has been appointed to head up the Bradite Sales and Technical Support Key product ranges, in particular flooring and cladding coatings, have been identified by Bradite to lead the initial profile building campaign.

Available in a large range of colours Bradite’s fast drying Floor Paint is a high performance polyurethane alkyd resin based semi-gloss finish paint with excellent wash and wear resistance. Odourless and antimicrobial 2K Heavy Duty Floor and Wall Coating is a two pack water thinned, amine adduct cured epoxy coating and finish paint for floors, walls, structural steel and machinery. Ideal for use in hospitals and kitchen areas it’s easy to clean yet provides a tough hard wearing film and finish coat.

Water based Cladit is a water thinned polyurethane acrylic finish for a long lasting protection of exterior cladding elevations. It provides an easy to maintain finish that offers good colour retention and weathering resistance for exterior steel cladding with straightforward preparation.

Bradite Floor and Cladding Products
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