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Rapid Floor Paint – versatile and tough

27667-432346028425489857Bradite, one of the UK’s longest established quality paint manufacturers, has launched a new high performance, single-pack, moisture-cure polyurethane floor coating designed for professional application.

Aimed at professional painters and decorators, contractors and specifiers, new Rapid Floor Paint PW74 is recommended for use on interior concrete, wood or steel floors, and for use over existing epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

“This innovative product is particularly effective on applications which require a tough, quick-drying, hard-wearing flexible floor coating,” Bradite’s national sales manager, James Burton, explains. “PW74 has been specially formulated to provide good chemical resistance to alcohol, paraffin and petrol products, as well as optimum water resistance.”

Rapid Floor Paint PW74 delivers a gloss coating that is surface dry in two hours, with a minimum overcoating time of eight hours and a maximum overcoating time of 16 hours: after 16 hours, the coating should be abraded. The surface should be ready for light traffic after a minimum of 24 hours following the final coat, and heavy traffic after 48 hours.

This new product is available in a choice of two ready mixed colours: Light Grey and Cardinal Red, with BS and RAL colours available to order. When thinned, it is also suitable as a clear concrete sealer.

“For additional safety and traction underfoot,” James adds, “PW74 can also be used with Bradite Low Slip Additives SA14 or SA12, which can either be mixed into the paint or hand broadcast into the wet paint after application.”

For optimum results, Bradite recommends two full coats of PW74, applied to substrates properly prepared and primed – free of contamination, dust and efflorescence. Recommended application is by brush and roller, supplied ready for use for extra customer convenience. For application on absorbent substrates such as concrete and wood, the company recommends thinning the first coat by 10 to 20% with Bradite TP33 Thinner to allow penetration into the substrate.

Application of PW74 by conventional air spraying or airless spraying is not recommended. Also, this product is not suitable for application over asphalt, bitumen, epoxy, tar, alkyd, chlorinated rubber or vinyl-based paints.
Bradite Floor and Cladding Products, which has been in business for nearly 80 years, offers an extensive range of high quality, high performance protective and decorative coatings formulated to meet the needs of commercial and industrial applications on a wide variety of substrates.

Rapid Floor Paint – versatile and tough
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