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#AD – Timeless Elegance: The Dulux Heritage Paint Collection

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When clients seek a touch of opulence in their home, look no further than the Dulux Heritage collection range. At Dulux Trade, we understand that you need paints that not only look luxurious on the walls, but also apply smoothly and stand up to the rigours of modern living. In this article, Marianne Shillingford, Dulux Creative Director UK&I, discusses the benefits of the range.

The Dulux Heritage range was launched in 2021 to provide decorators and their customers with a selection of paints that offer superior application, sophisticated finishes and durability – as well as beautiful aesthetics. The range includes a blend of both classic and contemporary colours, to meet any project requirements.

Curated Colour Palette

Inspired by the very best British interior decorating styles from past to present, the Dulux Heritage range boasts a stunning palette of 113 colours, including the most recent addition, Heritage True White.  The collection includes colours inspired by the most notable interior styles of the past 300 years; from the elegant light-enhancing shades designed for grand Georgian homes to the rich, saturated hues favoured during the Victorian era, and the fresh, garden-inspired colours of the Edwardian age.

While these heritage hues can capture an authentic historical look, the range’s contemporary colour options enable decorators to blend classic and modern styles seamlessly. Whether your client is after an authentic period shade or a truly updated take on the UK’s all-time favourite colours, the versatile Dulux Heritage collection provides the perfect palette to suit any design vision.

Sophisticated Finishes

Dulux Heritage offers two expertly formulated finishes that can withstand the knocks and scrapes of everyday living. Velvet matt is ideal for walls and ceilings and provides a rich, smooth finish with great opacity and a premium feel. Its washable and long-lasting formula makes it perfect for high-traffic areas. This can be combined with the Dulux Heritage durable, quick-drying eggshell finish that offers a low sheen elegance for the woodwork, cabinets and metalwork.  

By blending modern technology with premium ingredients, both finishes strike the perfect balance between resilient performance and timeless beauty.

The Dulux Heritage range flows smoothly over surfaces for a seamless application every time. For clients seeking luxury and sophistication in their interiors, the Dulux Heritage collection is a premium paint you can stake your reputation on.

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