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Dulux launches antiviral Sterishield Dual Active Matt

Dulux Trade has launched Dulux Trade Sterishield Dual Active Matt, a quick drying, water-based coating with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

The paint, says Dulux, contains in-film antimicrobial additives that inhibit bacteria and viruses within the paint film. It reduces populations of MRSA, E. coli, Coronaviruses, Human Herpesvirus and Phi 6 bacteriophage, and, when combined with appropriate cleaning practices, helps to promote a more hygienic environment.  Applications range from  hospitals and doctors’ surgeries to catering and kitchen operations and nursing homes and extending to gyms, hotels and holiday villages.

The new paint joins the established Sterishield Matt Diamond range, which launched over 15 years ago. Sterishield Matt Diamond contains an in-film bactericide that reduces populations of bacteria such as MRSA and E.coli. The new Sterishield Dual Active Matt will build on this original offering by upgrading the paint to include both antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Sterishield Dual Active Matt is a stain resistant, scrubbable, durable matt finish emulsion suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces. It achieves ISO 11998 Class 1 and Type C BS 7719 scrub ratings, making it suitable for high use areas that require regular cleaning.

Rebecca Orton, Marketing Manager at Dulux Trade, said “The launch of Dulux Trade Sterishield Dual Active Matt comes in response to increased interest from trade professionals and industries for health and cleanliness-focused propositions. Research shows 58% of decorators believe a healthy environment for their clients is part of what they would define as ‘quality’ when it comes to paint. In addition, 25% of professional jobs now have the ultimate aim of completing work in a way that considers the health of both the decorator and their client“.

Dulux Trade Sterishield Dual Active Matt is currently available in white, with the full Dulux Trade colour range across Light Base, Medium Base and Extra Deep Base options coming at the end of April.

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