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Recycled paint launched by Dulux

Dulux Trade has launched a recycled matt paint in partnership with Veolia UK made from 35 per cent recycled paint.

Called Evolve, the product made from the leftover paint that remains in tins after use, in a bid to reduce the amount of paint going to waste.

It will also allow decorators to offer customers sustainable solutions that help meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly products.

Veolia will extract and reprocess unused white paint from tins at its recycling centres . Dulux says the process has reduced the carbon footprint of each litre of Evolve paint produced by more than 10 per cent.

Veolia collects paint deposited by residents at their household waste recycling centres and takes it to its remanufacturing plant. The paint is refined and filtered before being transported to a manufacturing facility where it is combined with new paint, re-engineered and tested extensively, ensuring that every tin on sale maintains the high standards expected of Dulux Trade.

Evolve has been blind tested by decorators and painting contractors, to ensure consistent quality for decorators on any project says Dulux.

Evolve is available in white only at present and will be available from late October 2019.

Recycled paint launched by Dulux
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