Werner Podium Ladder for Safety and Comfort


The new Werner Podium Ladder combines a large standing surface with a high waist guardrail for maximum support, stability and range of motion.

werner podium ladderOnce on the extra-large platform users can, say Werner reach in any direction, meaning that they can work continuously without having to reposition the ladder. The extended guardrail provides an extra point of contact, while the platform’s toe guard offers an added feeling of security for long standing comfort.

Featuring the LOCKTOP design, the guardrail organises tools and accessories securely and conveniently, keeping them in easy reach for when they are needed and saving trips up and down the ladder.

The Werner Podium Ladder also features newly designed EDGE 360 bracing, where an integrated rail shield, edge bracing and over-sized footpads protect every inch of the bottom of the ladder.

The new Werner Podium Ladder is also designed to be easier to manoeuvre than scaffolds or lifts.

Werner Podium Ladder for Safety and Comfort
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