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Colour Excellence from Dulux Trade – a step change in colour matching

Highly Personalised, Unique colours can be created and stored

Dulux Trade has launched its latest colour mixing technology which aims, say the company, to give professional decorators the ability to provide a highly accurate and bespoke colour match for their customers.

The technology has been developed by the paint brand to provided faster, more accurate and more consistent colours across a range of products.

Dulux Trade products can now be mixed into a unique colour that can then be personally named and stored, allowing decorators to return to store and re-tint the exact colour in any product for years to come from the one single scan.

Karen Wilkinson who heads up the Dulux Marketing team told P&D News “Dulux Trade is not compromising on quality – with the paint still reaching an immersive depth of colour as well as keeping its consistency robust and repeatable.

A team of specialists has been working tirelessly to introduce new technology throughout the colour creation process, with new scanners, colour mixing recipe updates and updated paint matching software to ensure excellent colour accuracy and a smooth end to end experience for decorators and their clients.”

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor – a pocket-sized scanning gadget – launched in July to help decorators make colour recommendations to customers in the comfort of their own homes.

The cutting-edge device scans any given surface to enable the user to make colour recommendations on the spot.

This improved colour matching technology is also supported by the development of a new streamlined Dulux 384 colour wall so that it is easier for decorators to help their customers to choose and scheme with colours in stores across the UK.

Colour Excellence from Dulux Trade – a step change in colour matching
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