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HMG Box Clever

HMG Box CleverAn iconic phonebox in Holmes Chapel, is being transformed as part of the BT & the Community Heartbeat Trust scheme, into a lifesaving defibrillator station thanks to the local Parish Council and a donation from HMG Paints .
After a letter was spotted in a local newspaper suggesting the installation of defibrillators in the run down telephone kiosks brothers Stephen and John Falder, of HMG Paints, responded immediately to offer a helping hand.
Cllr Michael Street who was the local councillor leading the transformation project for the two telephone kiosks either side of the village said “The quick donation of paint from HMG has taken the project off to a great start, restoring the kiosks in to the iconic red phone boxes we know and love. We are now looking for ideas on how to raise the money for the defibrillators”

“As a local resident in nearby Knutsford I was more than happy to help our neighbours in Holmes Chapel and supply the gloss and undercoat to give the phone boxes a new lease of life back to the iconic symbols they are, as part of the BCF initiative.” Stated John Falder, Managing Director of HMG Paints Ltd, the largest independent paint manufacturer in the UK, and acting president of The British Coatings Federation (BCF).

HMG Paints Ltd have been supplying paint to councils across the country under the ‘Adopt a telephone kiosk’ scheme in councils from Norfolk to Nottinghamshire and were the first company to donate paint to the scheme in the very first installation in Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire back in 2012.

Holmes Chapel is home to existing defibrillators situated at the local school and other popular areas but the difference and advantage of the new defibrillator is that it will be accessible 24 hours a day. Being a popular cycle route with the uninterrupted road layouts the defibrillator will be situated in an ideal location. Statistics prove that following a Cardiac Arrest medical treatment should start as soon as possible as the chance of survival decreases by 23% per minute. The equipment can only be accessed by phoning 999 and following instructions during an emergency call.

HMG Box Clever
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