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Datacolor’s ColorReaderPRO – The handheld Colour Matching Solution

Datacolor, has launched the ColorReaderPRO, an ultra-portable, Bluetooth connected colour selection device that works standalone or connected to the ColorReaderPRO mobile app. ColorReaderPRO provides professional colour matching performance, allowing painters to match a client’s colour requirement to a corresponding paint colour in seconds.

The ColorReaderPRO package includes:

ColorReaderPRO – Highly accurate colour selection device that stores up to 10,000 colours and can be used standalone with the OLED display or with the ColorReader Mobile App.

ColorReader Mobile App – For painters that want a turn-key mobile app solution, the ColorReader Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

ColorReader Software Development Kit (SDK) – Easily integrate ColorReaderPRO functionality into your existing mobile app with the help of our ColorReader SDK.

ColorReader Fleet Management Software – Easily add, manage and assign authorized fan decks to users and leverage registration information for targeted marketing campaigns.

Datacolor’s ColorReaderPRO – The handheld Colour Matching Solution
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