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The case for portable colour measurement

Rik Mertens, Global Applications Manager at Datacolor looks at why you should embrace the benefits of potable colour measuring devices.

In today’s market, with inflation-related concerns heavily influencing customer spending, paint professionals must improve their service to maximize business growth.

Investing in portable colour measurement products that are smaller, lighter, faster, and more convenient than ever helps attract customers by providing cost-efficient, high-quality colour look-up and on-the-go convenience.

The Value of Portability

Many portable colour measurement devices work in tandem with apps that allow users to look up colours, work with fan decks and create pallets on-the-go from their phones. These mobile colour measurement platforms enable customers to quickly identify their desired colour match via a paint store’s digital library.

Most importantly, portable devices help paint professionals provide value to customers by shortening the colour selection process and building more trust – which leads to more repeat business.

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